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With the passage of time, the trends regarding crimes have shown that the world has gotten deeper into problems and the rates of crime have risen all across the world. Especially in America, where in recent years, the rates of violent crimes have risen significantly after worldwide peace in 2006 and the graphs of property crimes show the same trends. In such dire times, the need for security services has been at an all-time high.

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United Security Services has been one of the highest-rated security services in California for almost a decade now and has been providing premium security guard services to their clients. Working with some of the biggest clients in the business, United Security has placed the most emphasis on the fulfillment of security needs for their clients and making sure that their clients are able to go about their business with peace of mind. For businesses and locations that do not allow the carrying of firearm and weapons, United security has provided unarmed security services. We also provide unarmed guard services kern county.

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Are you looking to hire unarmed security guards for your business? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. United Security Services has been one of the frontrunners in the business and has always dedicated itself to providing the highest-rated security services to their clients. Working for countless years to provide top quality yet affordable security services to our clients, we have learned how to provide the most efficiency for your investments and are sure that we will be able to provide you with services far beyond your expectations. If you want to work with some of the most professional and highly trained unarmed security guards in the business, then contact us today and get your free quote. We strive to work together with our clients to build a professional relationship based on trust, integrity, and respect.

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Unarmed services provided by security guards

The following are some of the most basic services that an armed security guard can provide for their clients.

Observe and report

One of the most common methodologies, on the basis of which security guard services are formed, is “observe and report”. This method is a two-step process that dictates how a security guard should undertake their jobs and in case of an emergency, what they are supposed to do. This is the most apparent in unarmed security guards as they cannot depend upon weapons or anything to deal with offenders and have to rely on this process to ensure security.

The first part of the process relates to observing. The security guard is to make a quick assessment of a crisis situation and efficiently compile a concise yet explanatory mental report. A trained professional security guard is well-versed in the art of observation and is able to deduce and understand what your security equipment may have overlooked.

The second step is to make a report where the security guard needs to relay the information gathered during observation to the respective authorities in a way that is clearly understandable and decipherable. This not only helps the authorities to understand the situation and take appropriate countermeasures but also results in quick responses and avoids further complications.

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Customer services

One thing that makes unarmed security guards more desirable in some businesses is the customer services they are able to provide. Unarmed security guards appear a lot friendlier than guards equipped with firearms and are more approachable. According to a survey, the majority of consumers feel more comfortable conversing with an unarmed security guard than an armed security guard.

Whenever an unarmed guard services sees a customer having a tough time finding a customer sales representative, they always step up and offer assistance because they are trained to represent your business as an employee of the business and it is their job to represent the business in a kind way. These small gestures of kindness can help convert prospective customers into buying customers.


Another important job undertaken by unarmed security guards is performing surveillance and monitoring around the perimeter of the business to ensure that there are no security breaches present. Similar to armed security guards, unarmed guards are to set up checkpoints and blockades to ensure that the premises are entirely secure and no unauthorized person can enter or exit without permission.

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Unarmed Security Guards

When it comes to hiring security services businesses are faced with two different options. One of them is to hire and train their own personal security guards. This does provide them with semi-permanent security guard services and requires a one-time investment but is very inflexible in situations where you would need to increase the number of security guards due to some events or unforeseen circumstances and requires a large number of investments in both finances and time as you would need to provide training facilities and assets to your security guards as well as invest the time for them to be trained adequately. The other option, which a lot of businesses opt to take is to hire private security guard companies that provide them with security services according to their needs and requirements. also provided patrol security services and fire watch services This process is a lot cheaper and quick as compared to the first option and provides a higher quality of security services.

One of such services provided by United Security Services is unarmed security guards. There are a lot of states in the United States of America that do not allow security guards to carry firearms or other lethal weapons. To fulfill the role of a security guard in such states we employ unarmed security guards to ensure that even without the watchful eye of an armed security guard you are still able to make sure that your business assets and employees are secure. Not only because of that but a lot of businesses also employ unarmed security guards to further enhance their customer services because unarmed guards are much more effective in providing customer support, especially in businesses relating to retail. Unarmed guards are professional, courteous, and trained to perform at the highest level to deter crime and become an asset to your organization.


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